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Buying Package 1 - 0.5%* [Copy Link]

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The buyer will not pay Mike. Mike will rebate majority of the commission that Mike receives from the Seller back to the buyer.
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(Mike only keeps 0.5% of the sales price (minimum $2800) as commission. For a$500000 property, if the seller pays the most seen commission of 3.255/1.1625,Mike will rebate approximately $5400 to the buyer)
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An agreement, which states the above rebate and the per offer fee, will besigned by both parties.
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1.The tax (HST) on the commission will not be given back (They are collected bythe tax authority).
2.Mike will enter your email into the MLS® automatic email notification system to search for the property you need. However, you will arrange appointment withseller's representative to see the property.

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Detailed Process:
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1. Contact Mike to put your criteria into MLS® auto email system for free. Soyou will receive automatically generated email messages informing newly listedproperties matching your criteria(also properties that just got a pricereduce).
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    For showings, you may visit their open house to view the property without buyer's agent accompanying you If you want me to accompany you to showings, a charge of $30/hour+GST will be charged at time of showing. If you want me to just book the appointment for you, it will be $7.5+GST per appointment.

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2. After finding the property that interests you, you can contact Mike to getyou more information for the property (include recent sale information near theproperty).  I will supply the detailed information and give youapproximate estimate market value for the property. You may make an offer forthe property.
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3. When an offer is accepted we will continue with the contract. I will checkthe land title and the property disclosure statement with you. I will also handyou the strata documents if it’s a strata property.
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4. I will guide you through the buying process and answer your questions.
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*Not intended to induce breach of existing agency relationships.
* o- ?/ f5 s' A- \( K"Y  R
*Rate may change without notice.
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*Rate applies for most commonly seen transactions only. If the transaction isdifferent from a usually purchase agreement, a different rebate rate may apply.
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*For details, please call to confirm. 604-230-9898

Mike Guo
Cell: 604-230-9898   Fax: 778-328-3710   Emal:
Palace Realty Inc.
2300-2850 Shaughnessy St, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 6K5

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