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Selling Package 2 : Listing and Contract $1999+GST (In Advance) [Copy Link]

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ListingServices for Sellers
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$1999 +GST (upfront), and ZERO dollars (at completion) .
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You set buyer's representative's additional commission (The minimum additionalcommission you can set is $1).

If the buyer does not have a real estate agent, buyers portion of thecommission will be rebated back you.
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In short, this is the same as Package 3 except Mike will help the seller withcontracts of purchase and sale .
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Below is a detailed list of services:
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1. Provide updated housing information.
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2. Make a recommendation on the sales price of your property( This is arecommendation only, I will not pressure you to sell at this price).
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3. Full MLS® services.
4. Advertise Open House(I will not hold open house, but I can advertise it onMLS® for you).
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5. Negotiate on sellers' behalf, handle and give sellers advise on offerscounter offers.
6. Answer sellers' questions regarding to sales of the property.
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Other things:
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1. I will not physically show properties. I will not  book appointments.The sellers are responsible for handling phone calls and letting the potentialbuyers (or their agents) see the property.In case of strata properties, sellerswill pay the cost of obtaining strata files and Form B(usually under $80).
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2. Usually documents will be passed by email or fax, but if you want a face toface meeting, the meeting will be held at Mike convenient place(which is eitherVancouver West or Coquitlam).
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3. Areas include Areas include Greater Vancouver area where Mike can reach.
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With this arrangement I am looking to provide services for common transactions.For example, transactions involve Canadian dollars only. No major illegalbuilding changes involved on the subject property etc. If you have somethingyou are not sure off, please give Mike a call to confirm it.

*Please see the Multiple Listing Contract for terms and conditions forcommission payable at completion.
*If the Sellers offers $0 as additional buyer's representative's commission,Mike will offer a portion of Mike's commission, $1, to the buyer's representative.
*Not intended to induce breach of existing contract.
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*Please call Mike to confirm the details.
*Rate subject to change without prior notice.

Mike Guo
Cell: 604-230-9898   Fax: 778-328-3710   Emal:
Palace Realty Inc.
2300-2850 Shaughnessy St, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 6K5

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